The Wolf at the Door

7th and 8th December

The Wolf’s Affordable Art Fair

The Wolf at the Door
The Wolf at the Door

7th and 8th December

The Wolf’s Affordable Art Fair

Wolf at the Door Christmas Fair

Jill Tattersall

Today is Small Business Saturday, and the perfect excuse to visit some more artists’ open houses. Before hitting the AOH Christmas trail itself we kicked off with the Wolf at the Door’s Christmas fair. Close to Hove Station – open tomorrow, too.

This great Victorian house is going through a transformation – visit the light, airy kitchen extension dislaying Campoli and Nelson’s sleek silver and glass jewellery, silver stream candleholders formed over smooth beach pebbles, each unique, and iridescent glass bowls.

Simeon Smythe’s 2D cutout metalwork Christmas hangings.

Graywood Products is a sustainable small business, the owners of a wood. Liked the rustic/urban style of the sliced bark-edged log tealight holders.

Take a look at Jill Tattersall’s working studio and make your way upstairs for more of Jill’s pieces – rich textured handmade paper, printed and painted, blue green and gold layered botanical inspirations with a mediaeval apothecary’s scientific notebook feel. My favourite piece – ‘Vitis Vinifera’.

A great contrast next; Vicky Mappin’s detailed botanical paintings, prints and textiles in engrossing detail and depth. Her delicate salad studies are gorgeous!

Mary Rayner’s [writer and artist, author of Garth Pig books] dreamy blue and white seascapes.

Gail Bennet’s plein air sea and sky paintings and Judith Berrill’s nostalgic paintngs celebrating Sussex Walks.

Rebecca Jenkins warm-textured little ceramic birds, each embossed with a real leaf print.

Alice Bennett’s Small Bird Singing textile and paper jewellery.

Finishing off with some of Taradakini’s sparkly sloe gin and apple cupcakes [£1].


For one weekend only, the Wolf offers respite from Christmas commercialism. Our exotic line-up includes:

* Paintings: all sizes, all media. But LOW PRICES: no gallery commission means all profits go directly to the artists!

* Ceramic beasts

* Silver and felt jewellery

* Handmade glass

* Tea-towels and aprons with botanical prints

* Gingerbread beach-huts and pavilions

* Cards and Christmas decorations


* Mulled wine (or ginger beer!) in aid of Crisis at Christmas

* Exotic cup cakes (sloe gin, spiced apple and more)


A wolfish raffle