AOH 2016 – third weekend

A brief third weekend

A very brief weekend, this one – we managed to fit a few open houses in, between other engagements.


Dyke Road Venue 5: Tower House Day Centre

[Not the Beyond the Level trail, as the brochure suggests].

This stunning Edwardian mansion, built originally for Edward VII’s jeweller, was left to the people of Brighton by a wealthy family on condition that it be used as a day care centre for the city.

Some eighty elderly and disabled people depend on this centre for a multitude of services, including good company.

We were appalled to learn that the council will be closing the centre this summer, to make budget cuts, and that two thirds of the users will have to try to find similar facilities and pay for it themselves.

Please do go along and see this great building and a terrific show, while you still can, as its fate is uncertain.

We enjoyed a traditional show of paintings, ceramics, embroidery and print, the highlights:


Louise Chatfield’s stormy seas and landscape oils

Carolyn Gibbs’ delicate botanical watercolours, especially Clematis Rouge Cardinale


Fiveways Venue 15: Stuart Bullen, Mark Findlay and Friends


This three storey Victorian house and garden just bursts with paintings, print, photography, textiles, sculpture and ceramics. Artists explore the themes of landscape and the male nude. There’s a working artist’s studio with imposing printing press, and be sure to go into the little terrace garden and up the steps to a big surprise – a gorgeous secret sculpture garden.