Christmas Artists’ Open Houses 2017

A trail round the 2017 Christmas Artists’ Open Houses


A shorter open houses visit for us this Christmas – but here’s a little run down of the places we’ve visited, from the fifty venues in the brochure this year:

#9: Dion Salvador Lloyd


A former Best Open House Winner, this venue is always on our must-see list. Dion and Emma welcome you with mince pies and mulled wine and the chance to catch up with Dion’s much-collected work over the last six months, including landscapes in many layered oils, inspired by the colours and textures of nature.

Pop up house: One Must Dash, Compton Road [one weekend only, not in brochure]


Scandinavian hygge style featuring throws, growing bulbs, handknits and candles, with painting, print and gold and silver jewellery. Particularly liked the sleek timeless leather designs from Wolfram Lohr, and Anneli Sandström’s cool toned paintings.

#32: Art Across the Line


A long established family and friends collaboration, in yearly alternating venues, Shyama and Colin Ruffell and Fran Slade and friends are showing painting, prints, photography, textiles and jewellery. Loved the ‘Christmas trees’ created from vintage ladders hung with utensils and fairy lights.

#34: Salon des Sources


Some powerful one off jewellery from Caroline Astrop-Smith, akaThe Decorated Woman, teaming vintage pieces sourced from round the world to create real statements with impact, and Growing Gardens’ planted ceramic pots looked terrific together.

#35: For The Man I Love


A very chappish air here, with a complimentary mulled cider or juice as you come in, and a gorgeous scent everywhere mingling Treebeard’s oils and waxes, handmade chocs and some delicious scented candles inspired by Brighton history. Pyrography, silversmithing with real presence, painting and print for everyone. Visit the naughty crocheted scene from the Brighton Belles!

#36: Milton House


A growing AOH presence, this fascinating vintage-toy-loving Arts & Craft house is offering a great mix of gifts, home decor and wearable art. DNA Bags’ soft metallic leathers, Hoity Toity’s intricate little earrings and Holly Bell’s jade green ceramics are particular highlights. For quirky pagan winterfest fun, see Karen Rao’s felt hats with horns and animal ears, too – just right to see the soltice in.

#37: The Trojan House


This long established leader on the AOH scene is home and studio to fine artist Troy Ohlson, whose painting and print work is inspired by the natural world. Troy’s guests offer stained glass, silver, turned wood, ceramics, perfumed products and games as just part of this year’s houseful of covetable pieces and presents. Mulled wine in the kitchen.

#39: 11 Rugby Road


Probably the most charming open house this year, offering a quirky Narnia / Alice in Wonderland experience [there is no such thing as too many christmas trees!] Loved the welcoming candlelit entrance – I visited at dusk, the perfect time – and the sweetshop kitchen offering sweeties and mulled wine for a donation to charity. A jewellery and ceramics fan’s dream, with cute candle ‘crunkles’ and toadstool sticks.


#41: Glass in Fusion


A favourite glass studio venue with everything iridescence, colour and gleam from little decorations, earrings and bowls to big important pieces for the boardroom by glass artist Stephanie Else

Looking forward to May 2018 Brighton and Hove Artists’ Open Houses