2013 Hove Arts: 49a Hova Villas

Hove Arts: 49a Hova Villas

Andrew James Hofmeyr
Andrew James Hofmeyr
Saturday 4th May Staying with Hove Arts for now, after a rainy breakfast in Hove, our first visit was to a newcomer, 49a Hova Villas [3] to meet South African artist Andrew James Hofmeyr at home. A charming touch was the avenue of umbrellas suspended overhead leading us into his garden flat, which has perhaps one of the best garden features in town – the church next door.

Two very different styles to enjoy here, reminiscent of the best children’s book illustrations: first, the large scale paintings on mellowed recycled scaffolding board. Featuring domestic Brighton terraces, half-familiar landmarks and little glimpses into windows, the works are haunted by ever-present foxes and gulls. We share the city with wildlife and Hofmeyr’s work celebrates the connection.

At the other end of the scale, I also loved “Spring Fox”, an intricate black and white line drawing of a fox and ducks in the countryside.