Barcombe Collective at Artwave 2015

Artwave 2015


For the first time the artists at Sewells Farm Barcombe will be opening their studios to the public for Artwave 2015.

Over the weekend of the 5/6th of September, 11 – 4, come and see why such a diverse group of artists have chosen this beautiful secluded location as a place to work, and draw inspiration.

Meet Philomena Harmsworth whose recent exhibition at Farley Farm House saw her canvases hung in rooms where giants of Modernism, such as Picasso and Lee Miller have lived and worked. Philomena views her own studio space as an extension of her intriguing, sketchbooks. Together they create the anchored point from which the narrative of her work can evolve.

In contrast Sandra Hurst Chico found paper and canvas too confining for her ideas, so she turned to Willow as a medium to create, as she says, ‘giant 3D sketches’. Growing and coppicing, dry or living, Sandra’s work explores all aspects of the weaving craft. She shares her knowledge and expertise in private tutorials, school workshops and community projects.

Mark Griffiths finds the inspiration for his furniture designs in sci-fi, and 1930’s Hollywood, which is evident in both his Shell table and Triffid lamp. Along with creating contemporary pieces, Mark’s woodworking skills have recently led him to be involved in a project to recreate an Iron Age dug out vessel discovered in an Irish bog, using simple tools from the period.

Join them at Sewells Farm for a weekend of conversation, discussion, refreshments and wonderful works of art.

The refreshments will be in aid of the leading children’s charities NSPCC and East Sussex’s Foster Carer’s Association

Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2015

A Celebration of Creativity and Invention

Saturday September 5th Corn Exchange, Brighton


A Celebration of Creativity and Invention

Saturday September 5th Corn Exchange, Brighton

Brighton Mini Maker Faire, the festival of making, creativity and invention takes place every year in the Corn Exchange in Brighton. We bring together the most inspired, talented and ambitious makers and 3,000 excited visitors to share the fun of making – to learn, watch and get their hands dirty. There are robots, crafting, musical instruments, cosplay, electronics, weaving and more.

About Maker Faire

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.

Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists, science clubs, students, authors, and commercial exhibitors. They are of all ages and backgrounds. Maker Faire’s mission is to entertain, inform, connect and inspire these thousands of Makers and aspiring Makers.

The inaugural Maker Faire was held in San Mateo, CA and in 2011 celebrated its sixth annual Bay Area event with some 100,000 people in attendance. As Maker Faire has grown in popularity and relevance, additional flagship faires were launched in 2010 in Detroit and New York City. Community-driven, independently produced Mini Maker Faire events inspired by Maker Faire are now being produced around the United States and the world, including Brighton Mini Maker Faire.

Activities for all ages include arts & crafts, robots and engineering, wood and metalwork, electronics, science, tech, music and more amazing do-it-yourself creation.

Highlights from previous Brighton Mini Maker Faires

Over 10,000 people have piled into the Dome for Brighton Mini Maker Faire since 2011, to witness the mind-boggling home-made creations of the best inventors, crafters, hackers and DIY-ers from across the UK – and they got involved: making, experimenting, playing, learning and interacting.

We’ll be there on Saturday – looking forward to it!

AOH 2015

Our first AOH weekend is one big round of parties and private views – it starts here!

Polly Raynes

Polly Raynes
Thursday April 30th

We picked up Fiveways Artists’ very smart glossy trail magazine today; it’s a pleasure to read.

Our AOH 2015 has started early with red wine and nibbles at the first of many private views this weekend.

Fiveways 9: Polly Raynes and Friends


This is a beautifully presented show in a fabulous Victorian house and water garden.


Chris Brooks’ metalworks; characterful sculpted fish, whales and crustaceans in rusted, copper and gleaming silvery tones

Polly Raynes’ vibrant watercolour and acrylic paintings of Pompeii, Venice, animals, woodlands and sea

Helen Hodson’s enigmatic little ceramic Bods

Harry Venning’s laugh-out-loud cartoons.

And Chris and Polly’s fourteen year old son Rafe’s accomplished collection of metal leaf-shaped outdoor candle holders – great to see this ancient skill continuing from father to son, and several sold while we visited.

Also showing textiles, embroidery, wildlife illustrations, fused glass, ceramics and jewellery, with talks and workshops over the Festival. There really is something for everyone, here.

A great start to our first weekend – highly recommended.

Five more private views tomorrow.

Friday May 1st

Private View Marathon

This evening we walked the rounds of five different private view parties in three hours.

Thank you to all the artists for your hospitality and our apologies to all those we couldn’t get to – we’d have needed Hermione’s Time Turner to visit them all! Meanwhile, our first impressions as the wine flowed …

Bridge of Sighs

Cecil Rice

Seven Dials 10: Cecil Rice

Rice is one of the best established artists in the festival. He’s well known as a painter of glowy watercolours celebrating light, sea and architecture of the world, especially Venice, France, India and Brighton. As ever, a busy show with a real buzz.


The light and airy ‘Mother of Pearl Sea’ and ‘Bridge of Sighs’

Ian Hodgson

Ian Hodgson

Brunswick 1: Naked Eye

The scent of flames from a firepit welcomes you into Farm Mews, a former stable converted into studios and a gallery.


Lesley Jones’ tranquil oil on canvas landscapes
Mark Thompson’s curvy and sensual platters
Ian Hodgson’s graphite on paper work; Leonardoesque architectural fragments in shadow and mist

Dion Salvador Lloyd

Dion Salvador Lloyd

Hove 5: Dion Salvador Lloyd

Lloyd must be one of the most successful professionals on the circuit today, and is highly exhibited and collected. His evening private view is the place to be, and probably the only Open House to feature a doorman at the front gate. Profoundly inspired by the natural world in shape, colour and texture, his works are complemented by displays of shells, feathers and skulls. Some epic and powerful works as ever, with smaller more intimate pieces for contrast, and now painted ceramic work to add to his portfolio.

Jill Tattersall

Jill Tattersall

Hove 4: Wolf at the Door

A relaxed and welcoming show featuring Jill Tattersall’s mixed media pieces on handmade paper, rich inks and metallics, Campoli and Nelson’s collaborative glass and silver jewellery, Judith Berrill’s landscapes and Richard Sharland’s paintings and poetry. Andrew Jones kinetic garden sculptures to be visited later! Then finally to nearly-next-door-neighbours …

Pierre Diamantopoulo

Pierre Diamantopoulo

Hove 3: Collectors’ Selection

… for a late-night last party of the evening. An elegant show truly harmonising art and home. Many painters and sculptors exhibiting here, and an enticing candlelit sculpture garden. Alberto Martinez’ homage to Lady Penelope and Parker for Thunderbirds’ fiftieth anniversary.

We’ll be back to the Wolf and the Collectors soon to visit the garden sculptures in daylight!
We hope to spend more time at the houses over the next month, when we’ll expand our reviews.

And so to bed …

Saturday May 2nd

Today we stopped off first to enjoy the Children’s Parade, announcing the beginning of the Festival. Next up …

Our Brighton Hippodrome Exhibition

Our Brighton Hippodrome Exhibition

Independent [and not in brochure] Hippodrome Past, Present and Future at 13 Powis Square

A one-weekend-only exhibition celebrating the history of the Brighton Hippodrome Theatre and raising awareness of the Theatre’s potential as a major centre for live performance for the city and beyond in the future. Playbills, programmes, souvenirs and a fabulous miniature model of the theatre.

If you’d like to know more about Our Brighton Hippodrome’s campaign to bring the Theatre back to life, please visit

Next to a cluster of three houses in the nearby Seven Dials trail:

Hilary Stewart

Hilary Stewart

Seven Dials 2: 3 Victoria Street

This charmingly pink house on the lovely Victoria Street features Hilary Stewart’s delicately observed nudes in watercolour, oils and solar etchings, inspired by Greek mythology.

Tiffany Lynch

Tiffany Lynch

Seven Dials 3: House of Animal Consciousness

In a friendly house packed with paintings and print, the highlights were Tiffany Lynch’s pastel paintings of animals in woodland.

Claire Arbuthnott

Claire Arbuthnott

Seven Dials 4: The Iona House

Edinburgh-resident Claire Arbuthnott is showing a collection of paintings of sea, sky and rock; powerful bold landscapes with energy and verve in enriched colour spiced with black.

Theresa Sundt

Theresa Sundt

Seven Dials 9: The Walled Garden

You may have often passed this gate, overgrown with ivy most of the year, and not realised that behind it is a welcoming walled garden leading to this Open House. Colour therapy and personality translates into silk abstract art and I loved Theresa Sundt’s textured jewel-coloured scarves.

Seven Dials 13: Art at Belmont

Always good to welcome new Houses to the festival. A deceptively spacious lower ground floor flat with a refreshing mix of glitter and gleam, paintings, drawings, textiles and print.

Kristin Lundgren

Kristin Lundgren

Seven Dials 17: The Magic Lamp

A friendly flat with good conversation and an eclectic mixture of work. Kristin Lundgren’s iridescent Italian leather bags and cases and Caroline Jones’ unusual little painted folding camping tables really caught my eye. News: Handmadebyhippo will be making mosaics in the front garden on sunny days.

Fiveways 19: 2 Knoyle

A popular private view to round off our day at this extensive family show, featuring the ceramics shed in the garden – I usually suffer from severe shed envy each year! I hope to visit again soon and have a more leisurely look around.


Sunday May 3rd

Beyond the Level 9: 30 Gerard Street

A glass of Bucks Fizz kicked off an early start at another private view this morning, celebrating 3D art.


Frances Bloomfield – mixed media boxed pieces. reminiscent of storytelling theatrical, opera and film sets. Her work features trees, writing, architecture and music. Look out for ‘Prelude Inspirale’ especially.

Julie Kirk – delicate coral, lime and silver-toned jewellery pieces

Rhoda Baker – geometric paperscapes, where shadow and light are as important as shape and line

Beyond the Level 10: Glass in Fusion

Stephanie Else
Stephanie Else

Stephanie Else is artist in residence at this working glass studio, transformed each Festival into a smart exhibition of her work. Consistently one of my favourite Open Studios, she shows a great range from little fridge magnets, earrings and dishes to epic wall pieces and platters. Iridescent gleam and rich colour in distinctive designs.

Highlights: turquoise abstract ocean-inspired pictures in glass.

Note – Caia Matheson has now moved away from this studio space

Beyond the Level 8: 99

With last year’s memory of one of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted strong in my mind, tea and cake from the glamorous shed in the tea garden was my first stop at this welcoming house of making and craft. I was right – their coconut and lime cake really is fabulous.

An immaculate display and a total lfestyle, offering wreaths, fairies, jewellery, throws, pickles and 40s vintage style frocks.

Highlights: Nikki Ward’s boxed paper butterfly clouds

Beyond the Level 7: Jennifer Beresford

Huge paintings and prints in a domestic setting, offering vibrant colour, a funfair theme and bags of energy and oomph.


Jennifer Beresford – spectacular city clusters and the Dungeness triptych

Andy Walters – exotic tropical mirrors

Walking away from the town centre now, up to Dyke Road trail…

Dyke Road 6: Nine By Nine

This house specialises in print, especially featuring letters, numbers and words, and I noticed quite a 50s vibe in colour and design throughout. Engrossing paper and textile print works, and Emma Sutherland’s gilded free-form blue and gold bowls in delicate contrast.

Dyke Road 7: Milton House

A few doors along now to an intriguing house, built into the side of the hill – pop upstairs to the garden and look down through the skylight to the kitchen. Really reminds you that Brighton is almost entirely hill! A great variety and a friendly welcome from owners and cat.
Painting, ceramics, textiles and glass on two levels.


Helen Shaw – satisfyingly hefty silver rings
Hoity Toity – delicate little silver jewellery pieces, quite Roman

Dyke Road 1: Trojan House

Regular visitors to artist Troy Ohlson’s open house will be intrigued – a whirl of building and decorating works has transformed the house. See the artist’s new downstairs studio and visit two smart new upstairs rooms for Troy’s painting and print, with work by guest artists in ceramics, textiles, jewellery, stone and wood. Aromatic candles and soaps scent the air.

Dyke Road 5: Art at the Good Shepherd

An eclectic show by local artists at this Dyke Road Victorian church.


Helen Rawlings – traditional watercolour paintings of animals and birds

Third weekend


It’s the Festival’s third weekend but our second, having taken a break last weekend. We have guests so we’re exploring our local houses:

Dyke Road 1: The Trojan House

A return visit, a warm welcome and a glass of Pete’s Pimms at Troy Ohlson’s Trojan House, where we bought a little carved pebble – a found object beautified by stone carver Howard Young.

Dyke Road 2: 56 Tivoli Cresceont

This fresh, airy house always surprises, built on four levels on the side of a hill with the most spectacular views.


Chris Hill – ethereal flower painting
Keith Pettitt – monochrome wood engraved studies of Sussex, in 18th century style
Riz Wallis – smoky blue ceramics with gilded frilly edges (quite a thing this year)

Down an epic set of urban steps now, proving Brighton really is carved out of the South Downs!

Dyke Road 3: The Dog House

Owner Karen Barratt’s architectural photographic collages blend with an extensive, elegant and eclectic show throughout three storeys.

Painting, glass, jewellery, furniture, ceramics, textiles and a fascinating photographic exhibition on the Stead family and the Raj.

Upstairs to the studio for refreshments in aid of Whoopsadaisy and a chat about Brighton’s Hippodrome and BOAT theatres.


Rosamund Fowler – I absolutely loved her wildlife wood engravings, and the greetings cards are little works of art in themselves.

Hove 2: The Wolf at the Door

A return visit to see Andrew Jones’ twisty turny kinetic sculptures in daylight, displayed in the garden.


Campoli and Nelson – collaboration in silver and glass; especially the heavy pleated silver pendant with dark glass jewel, and the rough silver cuff with pale green glass insets.

Jill Tattersall – night sky paintings in glowing blue and gold on handmade paper. Jill tells stories with her work.


To Hove to begin with.

Hove 12: Cameron Contemporary Art

This busy gallery in the heart of Hove is specialising in the work of Sussex artists throughout the Festival. Painting and print, ceramics and sculpture.


Kevin Hendley – oil on panel; a collection of darkly challenging stares – hipster Vettriano through a mediaeval lens

Harriet Porter – silvery serene still lives, studies in simplicity

Mike Dean – burr oak turned wooden bowls, where holes are part of the life of the original tree

Hove 11: The Claremont


A real feature on this trail now. A gorgeous Victorian villa now five star  guest accommodation. Host exhibitions throughout the year with work throughout the building during the festival. Pick up their own little brochure for details of the many artists showing this month.

Refreshments in the study and the garden for donations in aid of the earthquake appeal.

Independent: Albert Mews Studios

Always a buzz here in one of Hove’s many atmospheric Mews, now converted into artists’ studios. Resident artists and guests transform their usual workspace into a gallery each May. Print, hats, hose, wood and lots of desirable things to wear, use and eat!

Refreshments for a donation.

Hove 6: Eve Poland

Stylish glamour girls and naughty kitties, Japanese sensibility and a sense of fun – Eve’s paintings and hand printed silkscreen prints are definitely for grown ups only!

Three venues specialising in ceramics, next:

Hove 7: Biscuit Studio Mary Penley Ceramics

A new exhibitor in Kellie’s mews studios. Wacky working teapots, Golden Snitch style winged ceramic spheres and popular birdy cane toppers.

Hove 8: Kellie Miller Studio

A long established feature of this trail, Kellie shows her distinctive blend of painting meets ceramic, creating peaceful woodlands and 3D landscapes.

Joined this year by Bruce Denny’s dynamic poised bronze nudes.

Hove 9: Tessa Wolf Murray and Guests


Our mini ceramics trail within a trail continues with Tessa’s popular show, now expanded into the garden studio. See the travel photographs that inspire the mood, textures and tones of her work. Vases and wall pieces in restrained, enigmatic natural colours and satisfying shape, together with practical buttons, brooches and pendants.

Linda Warwick – Sleeping Birds ceramics suggest just that, with the lightest touch

Mike Topham – witty wire art 3D sketches

Cliff Wright – Fantastic opportunity to see work by the Harry Potter cover artist, who illustrates stories with an eye for detail that draws you in

Walking east to Seven Dials trail now. Ocasionally you’ll find the more far flung or isolated houses will require a car or an all-day bus ticket, but most of our trailing is easily done on foot, and there are usually a lot of houses clustered together.

Seven Dials 11: The Colbourne Collection

An immaculate scented house with the kind of kitchen you might dream about! Jewellery, painting and photography and refreshments in the garden.


Louisa Boyd – sea and landscapes with a fantasy feel, especially ‘Here I Stand’ and ‘Morning Shallows’

Seven Dials 12: Family Art Line

The Ruffell and Slade family of artists at home and introducing the enviable new working studio in the garden. Enter the free weekly prize draw and maybe win a print.


Shyama Ruffell’s botanical and butterfly painting. Quite a butterfly theme thus year, along with a trend for theatrical storytelling with little pieces presented in boxes, tins, books and jars. Shyama’s butterfly boxes charm.

Seven Dials 15: Salon des Sources

A house of variety, showcasing painting and print, jewellery including the most delicate silver and gold, dynamic resin and world culture inspirations, ceramic, mosaics, textiles and fairies.


Caroline Smith’s unique statement jewellery pieces for the woman who means business.

The chance to meet Bernard Lodge, the artist who created the iconic opening credit sequences for some of the most famous sixties TV series, including Adam Adamant and Doctor Who. Today showing new prints, Bernard’s work is the cover of this year’s AOH brochure.

Seven Dials 14: The Snug

And now for something completely different! This new open house is all theatre and flair. Oil painting, jewellery, furniture and a glamorous red dressing room for accessories and capes.


Mary Grant – dreamlike impressionistic oils of night, forest and sky, especially ‘A Lover of the Night’

Jessica Christie-Miller – steampunk Victorian upholstered pinboards and hats, feathers, flowers and skulls

Fourth weekend


Central 8: Sussex County Arts Club

A long-established artists’ club in an atmospheric loft at the heart of Brighton’s North Laine. A costumed life drawing session is in progress as we visit. I’ve sat for a portrait series here, and you really get the sense that generations of artists have gathered here to exhibit and work.

The walls are closely hung with the results of these sessions – it’s  fascinating to see different views of the same model; this time our very own Michael ‘Atters’ Attree in his very own louche style!

See the prizewinning paintings of the year and pick up details of sessions and events, too. We were here for quite a long time …


Hove Arts 1: Studio 55


If you look at the AOH map, you can see that the quarter of the city bounded by Dyke Road and Old Shoreham Road is a virtual open house desert. So – welcome to this new venue and looking forward to more appearing in the area.

If Apple Mac designed an Artists’ Open House, this would be it! This house has to be seen to appreciate how the house, garden and den have been completely reimagined in contemporary cool clean lines.

Perspex, acrylic and graphic design throughout.


Jana Solfronk – pinned turquoise droplets 3D piece ‘Liquid’

Pippa Leocadia – portrait painting on a huge scale, all energy and verve


Finally … Hove Arts are all open today, so a leisurely last afternoon finishes a rather pared down festival for us – next stop, Christmas!


AOH 2015 Naked Eye Gallery

About the Naked Eye Gallery

AOH 2015

Naked Eye

The Naked Eye Gallery are thrilled to bring you exceptional work from three well known local artists for one of the biggest Art Festivals in the UK, Artists Open Houses in May 2015.  The artists involved offer to visually accompany you in their journey of explorations of architecture, water and land.

Ian Hodgson
Ian is a well established artist in Brighton who has become well known for his haunting graphite work and is the winner of several renowned national art prizes.  In this exhibition, Ian engages the viewer in the concepts of identity and place.  He focusses on his local environment and in particular the architectural detail decorating the building and street furniture.  His drawing process often leads to re-visiting objects, figures and spaces.  This reworking of the familiar has allowed Ian’s drawing practice to develop with each new approach, shedding fresh light on his subject matter.

Patsy McArthur
Patsy is a Scottish born artist who now resides in Brighton.  Patsy has become well known for her underwater scenes and in this exhibition she will be continuing with this theme and brings us her new, outstanding drawings and paintings which are the result of her time spent in Australia at the beginning of 2015.  During this time she worked with models in various locations around Sydney where she worked predominantly with clothed models.  These new paintings reflect her interest in the effects of light and weightlessness on fabric which give form to the suspension of the figure.  She has been focusing on colour in the latest work and chose diverse locations from startling green ocean shallows to deep inky blue pools to achieve a wide spectrum of sensations with the imagery.

Lesley Jones
Lesley’s atmospheric, semi-abstract landscapes are imbued with memories, concentrating on the spirit of the place and it’s resonating effect.  For Lesley, it is the essence of the place and it’s significance that she endeavours to express through the medium of paint; even visual memories of watching the sky and the land changing on a long car journey can be rediscovered when she begins a new canvas some time later.  She often uses photography to capture a particular kind of light, or inspirational land formations and colours.  These all act as prompts for her to conjure up the images she creates when she is in her art studio in Lingfield.  For this exhibition, her inspiration has come mainly from travelling through Wales and Scotland.

The exhibition will be running at The Naked Eye Gallery, 5 Farm Mews, Farm Road, Hove, BN3 1GH between 1st-31st May 2015.

Naked Eye Gallery
5 Farm Mews, Hove, United Kingdom
Farm Road
Hove, East Sussex BN3 1GH
United Kingdom

AOH 2015 DARK LIGHT at The Ceramic House

An exhibition of black and white ceramics featuring leading artists from 5 continents


An exhibition of black and white ceramics featuring leading artists from 5 continents.

The choice of a black and white theme will reveal the work on display in stark contrast to the abundance of colour cladding every surface in The Ceramic House.

11am-5pm, Saturdays and Sundays, 2nd-24th May 2015
The Ceramic House, 75 Stanmer Villas, Brighton BN1 7HN

Priscilla Mouritzen, Sandy Lockwood, Keith Varney, Helle Hansen, Tanya Gomez, Kumiko Kimbara Asti, Kyung Won Baek, Lindy Martin, Lucas Ferreira
and J Kay Aplin

We have a beautiful DARK LIGHT exhibition brochure that will be on sale for only £1! Includes a RAFFLE ticket with fabulous prizes so don’t miss out! Available at The Ceramic House and Jigsaw.

As usual, The Tile Shop will be open with new tile designs and lots of bargains. If you need some ideas for tiling an area of your house or garden, come along and get some inspiration or have a chat with Kay about it.  Have a look at examples of commissions on the website

The Ceramic House now offers fabulous unusual en suite accommodation all year round for short stays and visits. Every room has its own uniquely tiled bathroom. There are two rooms so far, with a brand new garden room conversion planned for the autumn. If you know anyone who needs visitor accommodation in Brighton, they will love staying here!

A warm welcome awaits you at The Ceramic House!

David Williams AOH 2015

About David Williams’ 2015 AOH

David Williams

Hi art lovers

I would like to invite you to my Artist’s Open House again this year from 11.00am to 5.00pm during the first four weekends of May.

We have a great selection of guest artists featuring jewellery, photography, illustration, upholstery, glass ware, ceramics, painted pebbles and sculpture.

We will be serving tea and homemade cakes on the lawn with my studio open for viewing.
I have lots of new work so please drop in if you can.

We are venue number 12 of the Fiveways Artists Trail

8 Southdown Avenue

BN1 6EG.

Look out for the main AOH brochure or our fab Fiveways Trail Magazine.

I am currently showing at the Chalk Gallery in North Street, Lewes.

Hope to see you.

Best wishes

David Williams

Dion Salvador Lloyd

About Dion Salvador Lloyd’s 2015 Artist’s Open House

Dion Salvador Lloyd

Open House Invitation May 2015

I am delighted to warmly invite you to my 15th Year of Open House as part of the Brighton Festival.

This year new large canvases and paperworks of contemporary landscape oil paintings will be shown alongside new limited edition prints.

My home and exhibition will be open every weekend in May (all five) and both Bank Holiday Mondays from 10am-6pm. If you would like to come at any other time please let me know. This is a wonderful opportunity to view new paintings, see how I present my work at my home/studio and to chat about what inspires me.

Shortlisted for Best Open House 2014 & 2013

Contact Information:
Dion Salvador Lloyd
18 Goldstone Villas
Hove, East Sussex
United Kingdom

01273 321029
07718 450745

The Wolf Opens For Artists Open Houses 2015

About the Wolf At The Door

May 2015


Finally the time is (almost) nigh. The Wolf opens his Door next Saturday 2nd May at 11am, and welcomes one and all to see (and maybe buy!) the art inside and talk to the artists.  For more details of the artists see the virtual flyer above (if you live nearby you may receive a real two-sided version!), and the previous newsletter.

In a change of approach from previous shows, the keynote  this year is simplicity and quality .  The Wolf has such elegant spare looks and, anyway, he finds all the admin and shepherding (!) a bit arduous.  So this year it’s five carefully chosen artists, lots of space, careful display, and of course a warm welcome.

We’ll be open for the first 4 weekends in May (and Bank Holiday Mondays) 11am-6pm.  So the last day is Monday 25th May.  Friends please note that Monsieur and Madame Lupino will not be there in person on the third weekend (16th/17th).  Anyone wanting to stay-over?  We can recommend Laura’s classy seaside B&B

Small but important update for those in need of a  regular sugar-rush: high-class tea and cakes will be available, thanks to Siobhan from Table.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

2015 Brighton and Hove Artists’ Open Houses

Four weekends in May

Read our reviews here

2015 brochure

It’s nearly here!

Four weekends in May

200+ houses and studios …

1000+ artists and makers …

Read our reviews from each weekend’s trailing here

We do apologise if we don’t make it to your Preview or Private View – we have so many invitations this year that we can’t come to them all! We look forward to meeting the artists over the four weekends. Bring it on …

AOH website

Art in aid of BOAT

About the art auction in aid of the Brighton Open Air Theatre

News from Caia Matheson

Caia Matheson
Caia Matheson
'Hello Art Lovers

I just wanted to share with you the Art Auction details for the new
Amphitheatre that is currently under construction in Brighton

The Theatre is the brainchild of Adrian Bunting a playwright,
construction worker and man of grand ambitions.
When in 2013 Adrian found out he had weeks to live he began making
arrangements to realise one of his dearest dreams ...... an Open-Air
Theatre for Brighton!

Fast forward to 2015 and the Theatre is almost complete however more
funding is needed to finish and maintain the Amphiteatre.

Many artists including the legendary David Lloyd of V for Vendetta fame,
Cartoonist and regular contributor to Private Eye Guy Venables and
British Illustrator and Political Cartoonist for The Observer, Chris
Riddell have all donated work for this fabulous new Theatre venue.
I have also donated an original Oil Painting titled 'Wisdom Lies Beneath
The Light'

The Bid for Boat totaliser is at £8387 today however £20K is needed to
pay the bills

ALL proceeds of the Auction go directly to the Brighton Open Air Theatre

Please share this with your friends and colleagues and help make this
exciting new venture happen

Thank you for supporting the arts

BOAT website

Best wishes

Caia Matheson
Contemporary Oil Painter and supporter of BOAT'