Independent: The House of Mander


Brian Mander

Brian Mander

This Independent is about as far from the usual Brighton artist’s open house as it’s possible to get. No cushions, cupcakes or,polite watercolours here – this house has to be seen.

The charred firepit and the tale of the daemonwain tacked onto the Yeti cart in the front garden announce that you’re about to enter an artist’s world.

My notes say “mysterious, spiritual, stories, religion, death, crucifixion, skulls, installation, concrete, stylised heads, ancient people, fire pit, iron, wood, broken, film set, antlers, Viking re-enactors, rusted metal … ” and for me, this mass of impressions sums it up.

We went back that evening for the closing party and a conversation with Brian Mander which ranged around prehistoric dawn of consciousness, masked ritual and last night’s lunar eclipse – just some of Mander’s inspirations. I’d visited his previous event, For the Love of Sarah, and am intrigued to discover just what he’ll do next.

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