AOH 2016 – fifth weekend

Our visits to houses over the final weekend

A brief trail report for us this weekend. Our house guest had asked for a guided tour so we’ve revisited quite a few of the houses we’ve already covered, including Wolf at the Door, Dion Salvador Lloyd, Milton House, Glass in Fusion and Cecil Rice, along with some we hadn’t been to yet this year.

Final weekend impressions … have felt a little put off by several times being told ‘there is art for sale all round the house and the garden … ‘ I understand that’s the goal for all artists, but I don’t need to be prodded quite so much.

I’ve found I most enjoy the houses that keep to the Artist’s Open House ethos. I’ve felt most at ease when I’ve clearly come into the artist’s home, have the chance to meet them and chat about their work, and don’t feel as if I’ve strayed into a gallery or department store. I do wonder if the cost of appearing in the brochure drives a need to have as many guest artists as possible?

Each year there seems to be something that pops up quite frequently, and I noticed this year the image of Frida Kahlo appearing in paintings, prints and jewellery by several artists.

The cupcake seems to have had its day …


Seven Dials venue 11: The Magic Lamp


Up to this pretty, friendly lamplit flat on Dyke Road, for small scale gifts in digital, paint and thread for friends and home.


Rubandagar’s striking shadow and flaming tree painting

Caroline Jones’s sleek wood work

Seven Dials venue 8: Salon des Sources

An engrossing exhibition, particularly strong on ceramics and wearable art jewellery


Jaq Buckeridge’s Chinese – inspired ceramics

Kate Hackett’s  Brighton ceramics with a Swallows and Amazons nautical air

Caroline Smith’s Decorated Woman power pieces – confident statement necklaces

Steve Carroll’s prints with vintage spaceman style

And I absolutely loved Rosie Odette’s powerful and striking gem-dotted gold bangle

Seven Dials venue 7: Family Art Line

Ruffell and Slade and friends welcome visitors to home and garden again this year – they’re a long established family show. Visit the garden studio for paintings and prints too.


CR dynamic London oils

Frances Doherty’s garden ceramics have real presence

Beyond the Level venue 9: The Stanley Road Store

Quirky clothes and vintage jewellery, textiles, lamps, plants for sale and a fun portrait tent in the garden. A bit of an ‘everything must go’ feel with prices-slashed announcements to each visitor …

Beyond the Level venue 8: Circus at the Circus!

Curtis Tappenden’s solo residency at the Circus Coffee House documents his time spent around circus artistes, capturing moments of their performances with energy, humour and speed.

Beyond the Level venue 10: 38 Viaduct

Pausing only to admire the vintage steam roller parked outside the Duke of York, we headed up Viaduct Road next to see Judy Martin’s adventures among characters, catacombs and corpses captured in pen and ink, biro and watercolour – swift portraits of life and death. Particularly struck by the Him series – little studies of the mediaeval mummies of Palermo.

Beyond the Level venue 7: Glass in Fusion



As the last few minutes of the last day of the 2016 Artists Open Houses festival ticked away, we dropped in for a revisit and a catchup with one of our favourite venues, where Stephanie Else creates the most marvellous glass.

Next stop Christmas …