INorganic at ONCA

TruCost Super-M-Art

14th of November 2013 for six weeks


TruCost Super-M-Art

14th of November 2013 for six weeks

The ONCA Trust and Gallery

14 St George’s Place, Brighton, BN1 4GB


As the organic world is fractured, we commission two provocative, immersive and playful installations about our culture’s relationship with waste.

Is there an unsteady balance between organic and inorganic, and are we tipping the scales?

Stage One: TruCost Super-M-Art

Welcome Dirty Beach, a collaboration of local artists Lou McCurdy and Chloe Hanks, for an installation that recreates and subverts the supermarket environment to display found plastics collected from UK beaches.

Plastic is a part of our culture. We use it and we throw it away. And then it comes back. It is in the flow of the rivers, the swells of the ocean; it has been ingested into the food chain and released into the atmosphere. In many ways it has enhanced our lives and advanced our labours, but in the world’s hidden places plastic is accumulating.

TruCost Super-M-Art will use all of the tricks & trappings of modern supermarkets to create an eerie and thought provoking display of found plastic items recovered from beaches local to us and around the UK. The familiarity of the environment (complete with shopper noises, tannoy announcements, strong artificial lighting, point-of-sale displays) will contrast with the evolved, transformed and yet still familiar discarded plastic items to amuse, challenge and envelop the viewer.

TruCost Super-M-Art runs from 14th of November 2013 for six weeks, throughout the consumerist frenzy that is Christmas, ending early 2014.